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Responsible land development requires looking ahead, and that demands effective erosion control. 

Locally owned and serving the Charleston tri-county area, Frazier Land Group provides a full scope of erosion control services. Led by Hampton Frazier — a degreed expert in Geology, Hydrology, and Water Sciences — our approach combines science knowledge, experience, innovation, and a passion for problem-solving.

    Erosion Control Services

    Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, developer, or general contractor, Frazier Land Group’s expertise and services span every aspect of erosion control and stormwater compliance requirements.

    • Silt fence installation and repair
    • Retention pond installation
    • Tree protection
    • Construction drive installation
    • Gutter protection
    • Street sweeping
    • Lot bush hogging and clean up

    Frazier Land Group adheres to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Contol’s Best Management Practices for erosion protection, sediment control, runoff control, low impact development, and structural water quality control. 

    Reliability is the hallmark of Frazier Land Group. We take pride in the lasting relationships we have developed with our clients and vendors.

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